Friday, June 6, 2014

2 Meals, 2 Drinks

After putting the things I had purchased from Petsco into my trunk last Friday evening, two ladies approached me, one with a little girl sleeping in a stroller. They looked like they haven't had a shower in a few days. Their hair was greasy and their clothes looked like they have been wearing them for a few days.
I was very tired after a long day at work, hoping to get home finally, eat dinner, and change into something more comfortable (like sweats). As soon as I heard these ladies (yes, they were indeed decent ladies), begin with, "We are hungry," I was skittish to continue hearing them. However, something inside of me told me to listen.
"Ma'am, we understand if you do not have anything to give. We have four children between the two of us. We literally are living under a bridge and we only want to give our children some food," said the blond.
"If you have a card or any contact information we'll gladly pay you back as soon as we are able to," insisted the brunette with a look in her eyes that she was about to cry. I saw those eyes, the sincere faces, and something inside me said, "Just buy them some food. You do not have to give them money."
The closest place at a walking distance from my car was a Chipotle. So in we went to a fast Tex-Mex place. I had thought I was hungry, but I realized I was not starving. I could still go a few hours, maybe even the whole evening, without food. These people were starving.
We went inside and they very politely asked what they could have. I told them that they could have what they wanted, and suggested the burrito, since it was a big tortilla stuffed with many things. Two meals, and two drinks is what they ordered. They said they did not want to abuse. As soon as they got their orders, I went ahead and ordered a Margarita special. I realized that is all I needed to feel better after a long week of hard work. They left with their two orders, and two drinks, the little girl sleeping in the stroller, and a, "May God bless you!" The look of relief in their faces was satisfying enough for me. Their kids were about to get some food.
Never underestimate how God works. Regardless if you go to church or not, if you believe in Him, then follow; He will take care of you.

Have a wonderful and positive day! You are the one that makes it positive. Go for it! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing. I understand the predicament most of us are into when we think about people in need and then we wonder if we are really doing good or not. I reckon you did the best choice!


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