Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Day, New Blogger

A new blogger here.  As most new bloggers surely relate, I'm not sure exactly how to begin, but I am just going to try and have fun in the mean time. :)
The idea of starting a blog began a few years ago, when I began to think about my everyday life, the world around me, and the world in itself (what it was going through), and cancer. By now, I have heard from almost everyone that I have met they have either known someone with cancer or has had cancer - either survived it or took it to their death.
A few years ago, I had stage one cervical cancer and even though I do relate to having this horrible disease, I cannot relate to having gone through radiation or chemo therapy. At the time, I was 31 years old, without children yet, and I was very fortunate to have a doctor who cared and knew what therapy to give me.  She said, "It's at stage I and you haven't had children yet.  Therefore we will not do chemo or radiation, we will try the hormone therapy."
She was an angel sent from heaven. I had seen my own father go through chemo and radiation once before my diagnosis, survived it, and then he went through this a second time before his death last year (but this we will leave to tell in another story). After seeing my dad go through one round of chemo and radiation, it was a huge relief to hear the words from my doctor when she said no chemo or radiation. This therapy is very energy draining, and makes you suffer.  It makes the people and loved ones around you suffer as well, since we cannot do anything to help the pain.  The feeling of being helpless to someone you love is like when you have to climb a mountain to succeed and being paralyzed stops you. Not to mention the suffering the patient endures.
When the doctor tells you you have this disease, your world collapses: you do not know if this is your last chance to be painfree and living life.
I luckily had a second chance, and decided I will make the best of it, no matter what.  I am not sure why God let me live still, however, I have to follow Him and figure out what my path with Him is. If I can help others in some emotional way, inspire them, even in the last second of life; or help the kids of my neighborhood find the owners of the lost dog; or help my family go through rough times; or help, help, help somehow...
That's the only way we can live life: being positive, and going up from where you were: there is always hope!
This is how I began thinking about blogging... I finally got to it, and I hope to inspire, make people laugh, and give hope to others out there, in anything you might be going through, or if you just want to sit and read about something other than what you went through in your day.
Have a wonderful and positive day! You are the one that makes it positive. Go for it! :)


  1. Hey Laly! I went backwards reading your posts and found your first one. First of all it is awesome to meet somebody with such a enthusiasm for life, I did not know about what you had years ago and your story is truly inspiring. It gives most of us the example to go ahead no matter what, giving our full trust in God. Thanks for sharing!


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